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Hydride Heat Engine Prototype by Ergenics

Video shows two buckets of water -- one hot, the other cold. As the two leads from the Ergenics aparatus are immersed into the two buckets, the temperature d...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:52.500

Ergenics Small Powerful Hydride Heat Engine Demo

Warm water powers a small hydride heat engine that exerts a force stronger than a man can hold back.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:51

Joule thief Power Emergency Light.wmv

Power Emergency light realized by basically joule thief tec. easy project very usefull for supply LONG TIME BLACKOUT Soon the new video with new results.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:03:35.250

Curie Motor,Curie point engine 1

Ich denke,diese Versuchsanordnung zeigt gut den sogenannten Curie-Effekt welcher bewirkt daß ferromagnetische Stoffe ab einer bestimmten Temperatur ihre magn...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:02:33.750

Hans' pneumatic engine

12 cylinders, 24 pistons of fury!
Category: People & Blogs
Length: 00:00:28.500

geet tryouts 1

First geet. Starts but not reving up. Needs some rebuild.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:55.500

Cosmic Heat Engine - KSCW Interview

Cosmic Heat Engine on the KSCW Morning Show.
Category: Music
Length: 00:02:40.500

BSCI 210 STARK Project Video

For class we had to create a product and patent it and all of this stuff. Our invention was a Special Tactical Armored Robotic Knight (STARK) suit for milita...
Category: Entertainment
Length: 00:01:34.500

CBSE Class XI Chemistry Hydrogen Hydrogen and Hydrides

Category: People & Blogs
Length: 00:18:06.750

MIOX Electrolysis Process | On-Site Generation | How It Works

Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:00:38.250
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