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Hydride Heat Engine Prototype by Ergenics

Video shows two buckets of water -- one hot, the other cold. As the two leads from the Ergenics aparatus are immersed into the two buckets, the temperature d...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:52.500

Ergenics Small Powerful Hydride Heat Engine Demo

Warm water powers a small hydride heat engine that exerts a force stronger than a man can hold back.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:51

Curie Motor,Curie point engine 1

Ich denke,diese Versuchsanordnung zeigt gut den sogenannten Curie-Effekt welcher bewirkt daß ferromagnetische Stoffe ab einer bestimmten Temperatur ihre magn...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:02:33.750

geet tryouts 1

First geet. Starts but not reving up. Needs some rebuild.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:55.500

Cosmic Heat Engine - KSCW Interview

Cosmic Heat Engine on the KSCW Morning Show.
Category: Music
Length: 00:02:40.500

BSCI 210 STARK Project Video

For class we had to create a product and patent it and all of this stuff. Our invention was a Special Tactical Armored Robotic Knight (STARK) suit for milita...
Category: Entertainment
Length: 00:01:34.500

MIOX Electrolysis Process | On-Site Generation | How It Works

Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:00:38.250

Zirconocene β-Hydrogen Transfer with HOMO Isosurface

A molecular dynamics simulation of the β-hydrogen transfer in a irconocene complex. The isosurface of the Higest Occupied Molecular Orbital (HOMO) is plotted...
Category: Film & Animation
Length: 00:00:12


SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) engine. Works with Magnetic Levitation.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:01:29.250

sodium hydride

3D modle of sodium hydride.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:00:18.750
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