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Super Joule Ringer 3.0 real world power made easy!

Lighting incandescent, halogen, CFL and LED bulbs with the Joule Ringer is now a piece of cake. Updated schematic and links coming soon at: http://laserhacke...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:06:25.500

Super Joule Ringer 3.0 Tips for Success

This video contains some tips and suggestions for those who have had trouble getting a SJR 3.0 circuit up and running. Schematic and links at: http://laserha...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:08:55.500

How to build the Joule Ringer transformer.

Let's build!
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:09:35.250

Cheap easy to build Joule Ringer. Runs on 2uA!

How to build a super efficient Joule Ringer using off the shelf parts. Check my website for parts list and links:
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:06:18

Super Joule Ringer 3.0

Running 120 volt lighting on a 12 volt system using a ferrite transformer.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:05:51

Super Joule Ringer makeing HHO and a WTF.mp4

Tried makeing some HHO with the super joule ringer with success,but found something else. Watch the end ,and please let me know as to why this is happening? ...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:05:00.750

Super Joule Ringer! Lights my workshop 24/7.

This is my first practicable application of the Joule Ringer design. This has very real world value to me. for more info. Schematic link: htt...
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:03:49.500

Joule Ringer! Light keeps going without battery.

This is the first time I have been able to keep a Joule Thief type device running a CFL on just an electrolytic capacitor.
Category: Science & Technology
Length: 00:07:29.250

Joule Ringer CrossOver - CFL and Led bulb

Finally running a modified 9w CFL and a LED Bulb with very good light. Using a standard transformer and 2 Li-ion cells.
Category: People & Blogs
Length: 00:06:09.750


Category: Pets & Animals
Length: 00:02:58.500
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