wood gas gasifier test DIY


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@97skinnyboyswag .. ...

@97skinnyboyswag ....converts wood or charcoal into a flammable gas ..for use in engines instead of fuel

@cdimmm ...water ...

@cdimmm ...water cooling heat exchanger jacket works fine ... i am working on making the exaust gasses a little cooler .....still to hot for my likeing !... the water from the cooler jacket can be used for hot water heating ! i am thinking about a high compression engine ... with magneto ignition .. also maybee ? a bellows or solar motor for the initial sucker motor start up energy supply ?

hopefully youre a ...

hopefully youre a active youtuber , im gonna build a wood gasifier for a lawn mower motor with one or two car alternators on it , plans are clearly burned into my brain ;D but i have a black hole on the part with the gasfilter what should i use for it as material ? i had the idea that i can use clay balls for plant potties or is that wrong ?! please help me .



what does the fire ...

what does the fire tube and fire grate do?

what exactly is a ...

what exactly is a gasifier?

Hey,thank you! I ...

Hey,thank you! I have been collecting the parts I need for mine also.Have the water heater,have the flange.Was yours a 6 inch or an 8 inch flange?