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Ossie Callanan--Lidmotor CFL Circuit


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My favorite circuit ...

My favorite circuit so far is the Joule Thief because it is so simple and you can flex it up or down. The most powerful (bang for the buck) was the "Slayer007 Rotorless Pulse Motor--My Replication". GBluer is the name here at Youtube where you can see all his designs. I like them. This particular one gave out alot of punch for the energy that it consumed.

Very impressive!!!!

Very impressive!!!!

Hi Lid, Great vid. ...

Hi Lid, Great vid. i am greatful that you focus on resonate circuit development on many videos, i had been see them all, but, i am confused and very hard to select one..... is this sytem is more effective then the Imhotep fan? or which system is the best and most impressive powerful system amoung all your vids? i need a title of your vid to identifying, Thank you

Have you evaluated ...

Have you evaluated the "BiT Toroid Joule Thief setup? If so, have you tweaked it with increased output coils? I enjoy your presentations!:-))