Materials News
-Effective Recovery of Metals from Industrial Waste Water
-CSEM and ClexBio Create a Bioreactor for Tissue-Engineered Cardiovascular Implants
-Technidrive Invests in Faster Development Cycles
-SAF One Partners with Kent Accelerating Sustainable Aviation Fuel Innovation
-Changes at The Pallet LOOP as Team Readies for Roll out of Circular Economy Pallets
-Unveiling the Doping Effects on Sodium-Ion Battery Stability
-Recyclable ‘Water Batteries’ That Do Not Catch Fire or Explode
-UC San Diego and CEA-Leti Report First IC for Piezoelectric Resonator DC-DC Conversion Achieving a 310% Loss Reduction
-Scientists Develop Compact Piezoelectric-Based DC-DC Converter for Increased Power Density
-Novel 3D Printing Method Mimics Chameleons' Color-Changing Ability