The EPA's the National Clean Diesel Campaign Awarded $1 Million in Grants

Washington - Dangle a carrot and you might get a nibble, as the old saying goes and for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC, that's worked real well through $1 million in grants being awarded thanks to the EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign.

EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson announced the recipients of 10 grants totaling more than $1 million to support clean diesel projects. The value of the grants will nearly triple to $3 million, as industry partners contribute almost two dollars for every dollar of federal funds.

"President Bush and EPA are committed to continuing our march toward cleaner, healthier air," said Johnson. "'Together we will make the black puff of diesel smoke a thing of the past."' The grants will fund projects that reduce emissions from nonroad sources, such as those used in construction and on port docks.

Innovative technologies introduced through the projects will include the use of cleaner fuels, after treatment devices such as catalysts and filters, and engine replacement. Many of the grants will support projects that reduce emissions in low income neighborhoods and areas that don't currently meet federal air quality standards.

Through the National Clean Diesel Campaign, more than 500 partners have engaged in clean diesel activities reducing emissions from more than 300 clean diesel projects across the nation. Together, these projects have reduced hundreds of thousands of tons of nitrogen oxides and tens of thousands of tons of particulate matter