IL Leaders Push Oil Companies on E85

AEN News

Jefferson City, MO – Illinois Senators Richard Durbin and Barack Obama along with Governor Rod Blagojevich recently wrote letters to six of the largest fuel providers in the country inquiring as to their position on the clean, renewable alternative fuels – E85 and biodiesel.

"The letters are a strong push to promote the product where we need it most," stated Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition. "Major gasoline marketers frequently prohibit their franchise operators from installation of equipment to dispense alternative fuel equipment. In order to establish E85 as a nationally available form of fuel, we must overcome these barriers. This correspondence by Senators Durbin and Obama and Governor Blagojevich will certainly advance our efforts."

The correspondence asks the major fuel providers questions about policies and practices regarding many relevant E85 infrastructure issues. Important among the inquiries asked are if stations are allowed to install E85 equipment and if so, are they allowed to convert an existing pump that currently sells a branded product.

The letter also announces the willingness of U.S. Energy Secretary Bodman to meet with each of the companies to establish more availability of the fuels. Currently, there are 651 publicly accessed E85 fueling locations throughout the U.S. Illinois contains 108 of these facilities.