New York Proposes Legislation to Allow Access to Renewable Fuels

Jefferson City, MO - New York Governor George E. Pataki announced legislation that will make E85 more readily available for the almost 200,000 flexible fuel vehicles in his state.

"One of the key strategies to reduce our dependence on imported energy is to diversify our fuel supplies, and we can do that by making renewable fuels more readily available to all New Yorkers," Governor Pataki said. "To achieve this, we must end the use of exclusivity agreements between fuel providers and service stations that prevent motorists from having access to renewable fuels."

These contracts do not allow many retailers to sell any fuels except those branded under the fuel provider. E85 is not branded by fuel providers and thus is unable to be sold at many locations throughout New York. The state of Iowa has recently enacted similar legislation and is now allowing E85 and biodiesel to be sold at many more public fueling stations.

"We are pleased to see Governor Pataki provide such a strong support for this renewable fuel," said Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the NEVC. "At this time, there are no E85 locations that can be accessed by the public. This bill will ensure that the public availability of E85 is more widespread."

In his State of the State Address and his Executive Budget proposal, the Governor asked the state to rely more on energy independence and less on foreign crude. His plan also calls to produce more renewable products in the state. New York's proposed budget includes a renewable fuel production tax credit that will assist in this.

Governor Pataki added, "Renewable fuels are produced here in the United State, and are a clean, sustainable alternative to petroleum. We have delayed too long in developing and utilizing renewable fuels, and I will continue to push for initiatives to increase renewable fuel production and usage so that we have an affordable option to imported energy."

New York has six E85 fueling locations in the state, all of which are only accessible by governmental fleets.