Global Warming Melts Ice on Matterhorn

AEN News

London - Scientists are blaming global warming for the ice melt on Italy's famous Matterhorn mountain peak in the Alps mountain range.

Due to land slippage, thanks to melting ice and snow cover, Italian routes up to the Matterhorn have now been closed off. Michele Comi, an Italian mountain-climate expert said, "For several weeks now, zero temperatures have only been found above 4,000 metres.".

"This means that all the rock fractures generally held together by the ice, which acts as a glue, give way because the ice melts, leading to a situation of instability. "Geologically speaking, the process is normal. What isn't normal is the acceleration of these phenomena. The classic ice-and-snow-climbing routes aren't accessible in July any more. That is a huge anomaly," Comi said.

Italian mountain guides point to older guide books showing snow covered ridges that are now gravel as proof of the global warming effect to support Comi's statements